Adventure and active winter tours to Kamchatka will open for you to this northern region in all its unique beauty. Travel Kamchatka, which is called «Earth of fire and ice», it is in the winter will leave a bright trace in the soul of everyone. The greatness of the winter landscape is breathtaking. Wherever you look — everywhere snow covered affecting formidable beauty of volcanoes. However, winter is far from Kamchatka Yakut frost. So here you can easily plan your winter vacation in 2017 in Kamchatka.

Through seas surrounding the peninsula and the immense ocean of winter is very mild and tourism in Kamchatka brings no less positive emotions than in the summer, even frost of central Russia for the residents of Kamchatka coast are considered to be strong. -5, The strength of — 10 degrees Celsius — the January rate for residents of Petropavlovsk. But in winter, winter roads are available, and there is an opportunity to get to the all-wheel drive technology to many communities in the most remote parts of the peninsula.

Kamchatka tours and excursions in the winter we spend from December to May and offer a variety of activities for immersion in the fantasy world. All prices for the tours in Kamchatka are indicated per person, at your request any tour, and the tour is possible to calculate and carry out individually. We can also arrange for you to rest, if you are traveling with children.

Skiing and Snowboarding
Kamchatka tour — a paradise created by nature for fans of skiing and snowboarding. Existing trails suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. A snow-capped volcanoes and the best freeride mountain passes that can offer you the Kamchatka.

Travel on snowmobiles
Tours and walks on snowmobiles on the snowy expanses of Kamchatka is not just the best trip for lovers of winter exotic, but just a way to get to remote and inaccessible corners of the peninsula.

Dog sled
Blue sky, bright sun and snow spray from under the sleigh! You raced with the wind speed at the foot of volcanoes of Kamchatka will present the Huskies.
You will be able to learn this unusual and such a traditional art here, as the management of dog sledding. Tours dog sledding is an integral part of the rest on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the winter.

Hot Springs
Volcanism of Kamchatka belongs birthright hundreds of hot springs. Some of them were «tamed» and furnished in beautiful pools. What would you prefer: a wild source or the pool, therapeutic waters of Kamchatka — it is one of the most unique features of the peninsula and the rest on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the winter without them will not be complete.